Forefoot Pain

Pain in your forefoot can be debilitating. We will have you pain free in no time!

Pain and discomfort felt towards the top of the foot can be caused by a wide variety of issues ranging from increased intensity of weight bearing activity, a change of footwear or forefoot mal alignment, to high uric acid levels or increased body weight.

Due to the amount of load bearing applied to the forefoot in everyday movements such as running and walking, it is an area prone to injury. It is important to see a podiatrist if the forefoot joints become inflamed, painful or stiff, particularly with a burning sensation.

Pain in the ball of the foot (the area around the heads of metatarsal bones) is often referred to as metatarsalgia and is one of the most common causes of forefoot pain.

Other conditions presenting in a similar way include Morton’s Neuroma (the pinching of the nerves between the metatarsals), sesamoid injuries (damage to the small bones between the 1st metatarsal head) and Hallux valgus or Bunions. Additionally, Gout, Verrucae and joint capsule tears can also cause forefoot pain so it is vital to identify the cause of the issue as soon as possible.

The Podiatry Studio can help by offering a full assessment to identify the cause of the forefoot pain, possibly using biomechanical measures to relieve symptoms long term. Occasionally, injections of local anaesthetic and corticosteroid may be recommended.

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