What Are Orthotics?

Orthotics are custom made podiatric devices that are inserted into your footwear to help in improving foot function, and balance biomechanical issues present in the feet or lower legs.

Orthotics BlackwoodOrthotics can help with a variety of issues including excess pronation, leg length discrepancy and ankle Instability – all of which are common causes for foot and leg pain. Tailored to your needs, orthotics can be made out of a range of materials and designs to suit any foot as well as different types of footwear.

How Orthotics Work

Specifically designed to the individual, orthotics help to alter the angle at which the foot strikes the ground. In doing so, orthotics aid in the restoration and support of the foot’s normal arch and alignment whilst also improving overall posture.

By investing in custom made inserts, activities such as standing, walking and running can become more comfortable and a reduction in pain is generally noted.

The Process

Following a bio-mechanical assessment and an in depth gait analysis, one of our podiatrists may recommend that you would benefit from orthotics.

After a full clinical assessment of your needs, your podiatrist will then obtain a 3D laser scan or custom mould of your foot or feet, which will be sent to our lab.

Once the orthotics have been made, you will be required to return to The Podiatry Studio for the device to be fitted into your shoe and for you to test them out and receive advice regarding exercise, footwear and care of your orthotics.

A follow up review is always offered to discuss your progress or any concerns that you may have.

Think You Might Need Orthotics?

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